400 g of sole fillets
4 medium-sized tomatoes
7-8 sweet green peppers
80 ml of extra-virgin olive oil
Ground black pepper and
salt to taste
4 bay leaves
8-10 sliced lemons
1 bunch of rockets
Two boiled potatoes

Make rolls out of the sole fillets in order to put them on the skewer Cut the tomatoes in four without peeling them. Cut the peppers in four. Put peppers, tomatoes, lemon, bay leaves and sole rolls on the skewer respectively. Use 4 sole rolls for one skewer. Coat all the ingredients on the skewer in oil and add black pepper. Place them on the grill and grill both sides. Boil the potatoes cut in four for five minutes. Put olive oil and salt on the potatoes and put them on the grill
and cook until they change in color. Serve sole skewers with the potatoes on a bed of salad roc – kets.