600 g white fish
(sea bream or bass)
200 ml rice
1 celery rib
2 medium-sized tomatoes
2 medium-sized carrots
1 medium-sized onion
1 bunch of parsley
2 L water
1 egg yolk
Juice of one lemon
Salt and black pepper
to taste
1 cup of yogurt

Soak the wheat overnight. Sieve and put into a saucepan, boil in 1 L of water until it gets soupy. Stir occasionally. Separate the now cooked wheat from the soupy sauce which you will use later. Set aside 6 tbsp. of the wheat. Soak saffron in 80 ml vinegar for 3 hours. Clean and bone the fish. Set aside a few sprigs of parsley. Finely chop the rest together with the mint. Melt the butter in a large pan. Add onions cut in rings, and stir until they turn brown. Add parsley and mint and stir for another 5 minutes. Add 6 cups of water, 80 ml of vinegar and salt into the pan and cook for 30-35 minutes. When cooked, sieve and put the stock into another pan. Add fish and cook for 15 min. Take the fish out of the pan, drain and put it over heat in another pan. When it starts to boil, add 2 cups of soupy sauce little by little. Now add the boiled wheat. Boil for 5 min. Whisk the yolks with lemon juice. Add 2 tbsp. of wheat starch and mix. Then add 4-5 tbsp. of soup sauce and saffron with vinegar. Add this mix into the pan stirring gently and continuously. When the soup
thickens, take it off the heat. Put the wheat and fish meat into bowls evenly and add the soup. Serve with parsley garnish.